Vojtěch Výravský

Faculty of Humanities, PhD student in German and French Philosophy

Forces of Music

In my contribution I will follow up a specific layer of experiencing the world which could be called forces of matter. I will proceed from the philosophical conception of the czech phenomenologist Michal Ajvaz. The forces of matter are a specific manner of significance which is neither the significance of words nor of a certain, clearly delimited object. They are rather non-conceptual currents of forces which we can imagine as a certain unifying pull through the layout of the world during a certain event of happening. An important research field for this subject will be the element of sound as a specific region of the matter of the world in which the nature of the forces becomes apparent. In this context, special attention will be paid to music in which we can encounter a significance which isn’t connected to any clear meanings or objects. The contribution will try to understand music as drawing the currents of forces of non- and pre-conceptual significance through the sound matter of the world. Reflecting upon this, a non- and pre-conceptual dynamic layer of experiencing the world as such will emerge.