Misty Picture

Misty Picture is the collaborative project of Enchanted Lands and Wim Dehaen, exploring the alluring dimension of soundfonts, CG environments and digital ambience. Their latest release Lens Blossom (Pointless Geometry, 2021) is an ode to point and click graphical computer adventures from the early 90ies and their successors, and the utopian hypertext, scholastic attitude contained therein, a world of mechanical contraptions, teleportations to mysterious worlds, self contained ideal spaces…

Enchanted Lands is a producer based in Prague, Czech Republic. Her work consists of digitally manipulated sound material, evoking ethereal landscapes, impossible beautiful harps and lush textures. Her debut EP was released on the Genot Centre label, netting her a newcomer of the year award at the Vinyla award. Her debut full length album, Cryptic Island Eco-Sanctuary was released as a digital file and game environment on the forward thinking Quantum Natives label.

Wim Dehaen is a chemistry researcher and trackmaker based in Prague, Czech Republic. He is the co-founder of the Genot Centre label and over the years has done various releases, also under alter egos such as BENELUX ENERGY and Mango Object. His interests include: dsp, systems and dance music subcultures.