Justyna Stasiowska

fakescapes is a form of thinking through sound about how a mixture of sounds rely on our habits of listening. Fakescapes is a practice of parasiting the cultural landscape of representations and mutating them into something new that never presents as new. Fakescapes are a form of mimicry of different kinds of internal/external, micro/macro soundscapes surrounding us.

Justyna practices fakescapes to question the practices of colonial gathering sound and field recording, ethnography which always are a projection of what is beyond, what we are used to listen to. fakescapes is a manifest in sense of manifesting what is overheard, silenced and is under the skin – it touches the affective force of sound in cultural context referring to spaces of malls, halls, cinemas, commercials pouring out of TV and all the sonic weathering of representations that wrap out information in digestible form.

Justyna Stasiowska is a PhD student in the Performance Studies Department at Jagiellonian University. She is preparing a dissertation under the working title: “Noise. Performativity of Sound Perception” in which she argues that frequencies don’t have a strictly programmed effect on the receiver and the way of experiencing sounds is determined by the frames or modes of perception, established by the situation and cognitive context. Justyna earned her MA in Drama and Theater Studies. Her thesis was devoted to the notion of liveness in the context of the strategies used by contemporary playwrights to manipulate the recipients’ cognitive apparatus using the DJ figure.